Changes to Financial success…

Success push some people away from them and hugged some people.Succes is not only the amount of money you have, success comprise different things and features those an individual has.

Success maybe measured according to different features like amount of money,the amount of assets,the complete behavior of an individual,general lifestyle and the amount of time an individual free spending.

If an individual has a lot of money but still working hard that is not Financial success.Also if an individual has high paying job and not own the business, work for someone or government that is not Financial success.Financial success is to own both money, business, time, employees,and happiness, because an employee don’t own business but job that he is paid for that.

So successful people are different, from the way they earn money, from their lifestyle, from the way communicating with people.Every things in their life are different from other people.Without question successful people have different mindset.

The following are the changes to make if you want to change your financial situation.

Setting goals.

Setting goals is a blueprint of where you want to go,what you want to accomplish in a certain time.Your planning maybe having a certain amount of money in a certain period.setting goal give you an opportunity to discuss yourself where are you and what you miss for your journey.

Example if your income is about $1000 per month and you want to increase, first thing is to set a specific goal like increase the amount of assets, work hard, work extra time, increase your productivity, increase your earning knowledge.

Time management.

Time is a first asset that an individual has.In the world all human beings have 24 hours a day but some people get success and other struggling lastly end up poors.Why this happens? for most people time management is a challenge.If you can’t manage well your time success always will be far from you.

Inorder to manage well your time you have to make a day plan, setting a day tasks, follow your timetable and accomplish them before sleeping.Just consider if you separate about three hours every day to write an ebook, this will take you about 15days to finish one book that means for one month two books you have for sell.if each month you put two books in the market how much money you will generate per year? and how your financial situation will change.

Plan your day from morning to when you are going to sleep what tasks you want to complete.This will help you to stick on your tasks and not to loose time for too much longer watching TV, for alcohol drinking.Remember the things you do every day at the end of two to three months you become a master.

Reading books..

Reading books stays as a place where most successful people absorb their financial knowledge.Books are your first teacher,they teach you new knowledge,new behavior,new technique and motivate you to accomplish your goals.if you want to change your financial situation please set a specific time for reading books.

At first time it may look difficult to start but when you start and love the process the way will be simple and you will enjoy.There are many books, publishers everyday push books to the readers.You may start reading one book per month for one year you will have about twelve books.As you continue will become better and get new knowledge every day.Reading books maybe your asset after absorb the knowledge and experience now you can write your blog or books to sell for people and your income will increase.

Wake up Early

Wake up early is a feature of successful people some wake at 4:00am,5:00am and most 3:30am everyday.example of two people one wake up at 1;00am every day and another wake up at 3:30am every day.The first one will has a few hours for production than the second one will has many hours for production.

These two people will differ from their financial situation and their health for one year.You may set even one hour for reading books and one hour for exercise your body every day.High successful people sleep about 8 to 6 hours per day.

Teach and change your mindset to wake up early than usual will improve your life by having more time for production.

Exercise your body.

Health is an asset and don’t destroy it.Dairly exercise increase your life expectancy and reduce the amount of fats in your body,fats in our bodies is bad.Atleast every one knows about 80 percent of heart problems is cause by a lot of fats in our blood vessels and bodies.

Those fats stays in blood vessels make difficult for blood to flow to the different organ within the body.So heart use a strong force to pump blood and there the problem arise from heart overwork.

By not taking even some little exercise fats will continue to accumulate in blood vessels.Exercise may be running, walking, jumping only at home.

Proper money management.

Money management is a specific and good trait if you want Financial success.Most people think their financial problems is due to not having a lot of money,but the major problem is on how they manage their money.example you wander why most lottery winers after a short time they end up bankrupt?no money in their hand because money never stay to poor mindset.

Start managing well the amount you have will increase your ability to handle money and increase your income.Make sure that you have money for emergency, saving account, and invest your money then start to put money for your retirement.


Commit yourself to success will give you motivation to proceed with the process,take responsibility inorder to increase your productivity and having more descipline to follow your plans and make sure no one will push away from your goals.

Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation

Prepared by Othuman.AR

The simple steps of paying your debts

In the world every one seeking for success, like good health, house, transport, food, shelter,much investment and so of the most handcap that prevent most people from success is Debts.

Although debts are handcap and bad sometimes from debts we can change our financial condition.Using of Debts may cause both poverty or wealth it depends on how you use them.For the people whose learn how to use debts get advantage from them while most people whose don’t know the science of debt continue to make them poor and struggling their entire life.

For those whose having the burden of debts in their life now you are on the solutions to follow inorder to clear your debts.Just follow the steps on how to clear them even if it will take you a time but you will finish all.

These are the simple steps to clear all debts….

List your all Debts

First list your all debts and classify them according to the new one and older one or highest to smallest.know how many are they? example if you have five debts, classify them on the highest to smallest or older to new.

Write them on the paper then read that paper twice a day, this will give you to remember which debt you plan to pay first.

Make your own budget

Budget help to know where you money are going.Budget is plan for your money, budget protect from money mismanagement.Sit down and make your own budget from daily basic needs like food, shelter, house billing if you don’t have your own house, transport and money for emergency.

This will help you to save some of unnecessary expenses then take the amount of money remaining in paying your debt.

Live below your means

Inorder to pay off your debt faster you have to live below your means for some time.To live below your means leave with the amount to give for your lender.Bacause you put a large amount to pay your debt, you will take a small time to finish a certain debt.

If certain debt could take about six months by living below your means only for paying debts this may take only 3 months.and then jump to another debt untill you finish.

Increase your earning

To increase your earning may be the best way to clear your debt faster than any method.If you are employee and you have off time maybe three or two days per week,cut your off day and work for extra time then you will be paid per month to cover some debts.if you own a business or investment increase your production by any means inorder to increase your income that will go to pay some debts.

This method of working extra time will accelerate you speed on clearing your debts.

Notify your lender.

Go and tell your lender about your plan on paying his money.example if you give him about $300 per month tell him now I will give about $600 per month,so if the debt could take 6 months now will take only 3months to finish.

If you haven’t another debt that is your chance to enjoy your money and if you have another jump with the same procedure to kill the debt.To notify your lender give power and confidence to finish that debt.

Avoid paying Debt by Debt..

If there is a burden of debt,an individual loose Financial control,the amount of Debts confuse most of the time.Instead of looking which is the best way to pay debts some confused themselves.

Most people take another new debt to kill the oldest one,this habit is complete never solve the problem but increase the stress at next time.lendering money inorder to kill the oldest debt will increase debt interest rate lastly continue to eat your day working hard.

Don’t use this method, nothing good debt maybe someone pay you after lender the amount of money, now that is good debt.Nothing another way to escape from debts rather than to pay and not to increase.

Pay the highest Debt first.

After classify your debt now you know which is the most complicated than all and you arleady arrange from the highest to smallest.Pay the highest after finish,then will leave you with large amount of money send them to the second one.Repeat the process untill you clear all.


If you want to see and start a step to success first thing to deal with is to pay your Debts.Debts push people from success and successful people have good debts

Thanks by Othuman.AR

Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation.

The life before Retirement

Retirement plan should be prepared early before come to 60 years.If you have 20,25,30 and even 40 that is a best to start creating your future life.if you start early to prepare for retirement the way will be much simple than the one who come older.Retirement plan is crucial for serious people.

Now days no money no service you have to save more and spend less.For the people who think retirement plan can start at any time these thoughts can’t help because money will proceed to force you to continue working hard while you are too tired and older only to save more money for Short time.

One of the special thing to cleaver people now days put more effort and priority on, Emergency fund, Saving more money, investing more,live within their means, increase Financial knowledge.

You should set plan for your retirement,sit down and write at which age you want to retire?then take ten to fifteen years to create your retirement.

Today I will show how to live the life before your retirement.The following are the simple steps to live in before Retirement.

Plan for Retirement.

Inorder to retire nowadays our financial researchers tell that about 1 million dollars needed to an individual to expense the true life for retirement.First thing during the life before Retirement is to ask yourself some simple questions.How old are you? How many years will take me to retire? How many years I shall have while I retire?

Life is a plan for everything we need.The importance of making plan is to shake our mindset that now am going to retire at any means,that help you to follow the rule and enjoy the process.After making the plan how and when you are going to retire,then you have to make sure you follow your plans.

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself means your body and your mind, you have to make a daily routine and follow it.example exercise your body every day,and may go to the gym, this will make you new behavior and good health.Then invest in Yourself by reading books those will increase your financial literacy and motivate on your journey.

Reading books will help you to get new knowledge on how to create more, how to live happy, how to live with other people and all of the best knowledge is how to manage money work for you.

Invest in yourself is crucial if real you want to get knowledge about your retirement.plan a specific time to read books and good time for reading is morning.Through reading and learning different methods increase your productivity.

Work Smart

Working hard all time loosing natural thinking capacity while working smart leave you comfortable living and thinking.

Work less and involve many people work for you those help you to prepare your retirement.people whose work hard always loose control because of tiredness,stress and enxiet.Working hard do not mean you are going to success.

Clear your debts

Debts push people from success,debt cause disbelieve,debt cause stress, debts kill motion and paying your debt early before your retirement will make you feel comfortable and feel free on your journey.

If you earn money by working hard and then paying debts every month this means you work for someone and for existence.Make sure all your debts are under your plan to pay them on time before Retirement.

Invest and Save more Money.

Open an investing and saving account to start new life.Invest in serious company to earn money and while you take your profit put them in a saving account and some increase and expand in your investment.

Stick much on Investing and saving than usual will help you to have more money for your retirement.make and avoid investment that will cause you stress like gambling, and don’t invest to the things those you don’t know.

You may create business that will work for you,buy assets,those assets will pay your expenses now and after retirement.Dont loose control invest even little money and start to save what you can.


Most people struggle financially because they don’t have investment nor little amount in saving account.Investing and saving more money is a key for retirement, but earning more and spending less is a foundation for success.

Read more publishers about retirement will increase your knowledge on how to prepare your retirement.

Thanks by Othuman. AR

Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation…

Three financial mindset to avoid..

Mindset may be defined as natural behavior that control an individual thinking and believes.Believes are a something you may be born with or are acquired according to the environment surrounding you.also believes may be due to some challenges you acquired for long time.

Those believes those are born with passed through your generation then proceed after generation.All human behaviors and actions are controlled by ‘”Paradigm”. Paradigm is the habits,if you have a certain behaviors and you want to change them and you can’t change them all because of Paradigm.Paradigm refuse to accept new behavior while are presented.

If you want to change your financial and life fist you have to change your Paradigm.what are you believing about yourself those are believes.For example when you say I can do something that is appeared to be hard for most people is true you can do.and when you say I can’t do real you can’t do because of your can do anything that himself believe he can do.

These are the three sample of financial mindset to avoid if you want to change your financial condition…

1.Money is not important.

In life we need food, shelter, education, housing, time to rest and many things those are important.I don’t agree with people when they say money is not important while about 90 percent of their life depend money to move forward.

If you don’t own house, you need money to pay for housing,if you don’t have farm you need money to buy food,even a farmer need money to pay equipments for cultivation.if you need to travel some where still need money,we need money to pay for education.About everything surrounding you depend on how much money you have to get them.

People say money is not important but still struggle financially.may be we have to say money is important but can not buy all things.

2.More money never give happy.

Real having money with no financial literacy cause stress,but having no money this cause enxiet, fear, stress and poor health.Poor health because you can’t afford to buy food, money to buy shelter, to pay your bills and always looking unhappy.

So the first thing that makes an individual unhappy is having no money to pay for his/her basic needs.Having money reduce stress and increase comfortable living.poor people struggle with poor health,poor condition, poor in education and all these due to money scarcity.

3.Having more money is a greed.

Greed is an overwhelming urge to have more of something, usually more than you real need.

Having more money means serve more people, you provide employments. We don’t have money because we don’t serve more people,by serving more people you get high share from them and increase your income.Having no money that is a sign of greed it means you don’t help people.God never give you money because you don’t help his servants.


Those three sample mindset and many others take you back from Financial success.these mindsets cause laziness to find more, helping more people God will give you too much money because you help his people.

Thanks by Othuman.AR

Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation.

We are prepared to make them riches..

In the world there are riches and poors, this is not happening by accident or because the world has no wealth.The world is filled with enough and many properties for us to use them.example the world has different minerals,trees, fishes,water,sands, animals and many beautiful places.

Unfortunately,there are few riches in the world than poor.Riches are living well and spend their wealth in any aspect they want.some people by the name middle class only they can afford their day life with few saving and nothing in investment account.most people struggle financially everyday and even in some countries,there are people died for hunger.people use to say this is unfair, the world is not fair gives few people and most struggle.

Most forget that world has no eyes nor ears.Riches with no work nor job at all time earn more money than normal while middle class and poor people earn little sometimes nothing.

So what is the problem? The answer is very simple!The way rich people are prepared is very different to middle class and poor people are created.These are the reasons why middle class and poor people work hard, proceed to make riches more richers.

Learn to manage money

1.Through education.

Education is a key of life and foundation for all success.Education provide us employment, through education we discover different technology, weapons,a science also education create leaders.The major effect of education is employment, everyone who find a better education for high expenses only need to be employed at high paying job.

Education is a key of life.

This mindset of employment nowadays is a trap for most people.Rich people use education as their assets,for example they own schools, colleges and universities to create income.As once I say education is a key for all success,if you go to university to specialize on subject that lastly end up to seek employment that is bad.

Most take a school loan to pay for university and get education that is not supportive in life then seek another way of living far from education you loose money.

1.Through employment..

About 90percent of all population in the world depend on the employment,that means work for government, company,to individual and so on.Starting with employment is not bad but has some risks effects in life.You work for the government then pay high taxes while you need to prepare your retirement.

The risk of employment is always working hard to make someone rich may be government, company or individual.

Work hard to create your future

You work to create other people wealth and why not yourself?Our bosses buy our time and pay us few than they earn to expand their wealth with no sweat.Employees fight a day work through out the week to look and create for their bosses life then forget their own lives and families.

To live paycheck to paycheck means that, You create a life of John,then you say for John is enough now am going to create the life of Hanna.Why not yourself?

3.Through Debts

Money is a game,if you don’t know how to play the game, you will struggle entire life.One of the most Riches method of obtaining and expanding their wealth is through debts.They give you amount of money example $1000 then you need to pay about $1200 after 3 months.this is how they increase their wealth.

Escape debts for happy living.

Debts are not complete bad and problem if you learn how to use them.Escaping debts for most people is impossible because they use debts to show other people,they shine and they are richers.High financial literacy is to take a loan then buy assets.

The situation create us to think no debts no money and that is bad money mindset.If you have no debts you will enjoy the to pay debts in your entire life is like to put water in your pockets.

4.Through social media

Looking social media is not bad or enjoying and posting pictures.the problem is what are you looking and loose you time for learning something new?or you discover thing that will change your life or only destroy your mind! Social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Linkin, WeChat,many people show their lifestyle and get paid, people sell their business and also social media owners receive too much money every day through their service to people.

Selling or learning from social media

How you make people riches but not yourself?

If you use those platforms to enjoy lifestyle of someone and following thing that never benefits you,that is how you make them riches while yourself still poor.Go to the social media to either learn or sell your business.Social media is high communication nowadays,so use them to get information for your business or to learn.


Escape from those traps then use people to create your wealth, because if you don’t receive money from people who work hard for you, people will receive money from you.

Thanks by


Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation.

How to save money for your investment.

The capital for investment may be from debts, your long term saving,but if you choose to get capital from saving today I show you how to save money for your investment.The above table show the simple process to use inorder to save more.

Thanks again, prepared by


Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation.

The true legacy to your children.

Our children and family is the best to us than anything first,to build a good family with successful life make us is a most complex subject for many families.

Every one need to see his family get success in every aspect like being good housing, shelter, food, enjoying and spending money for traveling the world.

Now days money is most important than anything, you can’t afford anything now without money,in any aspect money is needed direct or indirect.having money insure the true living and prevent you from different emergencies.there is a statement says no money no service, have you think about this complex subject to your generation, children and your lovely wife and relatives?

Always while we have time with our family,we talk about old stories about Kings and his wife, about fist world war, about Christopher Columbus,the effects of slave trade and so on.if real we love our families and relatives,the following are few topics to teach and discuss with them.

1.The subject of money.

2.The financial literacy

3.How to retire early

4.How to save money

5.How to behave like Riches

6.How to invest money

7.How to communicate

8.How to control debts

Those are the subject to teach you family early before they live to create their life.

Thanks by your financial advisor.


Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation.

Why my website has no readers?

Readers in website measure the strength of writter to touch the real situation of your clients.reader insure the life of a blog and make happy for writter and writter continue to show his or her strength on keeping people read his site.To send a lovely statement and beneficial advise to readers is acquire more effort and consistence.

Inorder to trap more people reading your site acquire more time, convinced writings and good communication between writters.These are the few points but most important inorder to increase day amount of visitors to your site.

Loving between writters.

Love is a source of all success,if you need thing from someone show love to him you will get what you want.even if you need more visitors in your site give love and respect other writters,by loving and supporting my site always I stay attention to look what you post and am ready to read and share your post to my social medias.if some writter read your post and you don’t respond to her or his post even him slowly stop following you are site.

Ask and learn from other writters.

Through asking the experience writters,they will share with you their experience and by practice the different advises you will improve and then perfect is near.Be ready to receive opinion and advise from even new writters.because no one is perfect.

Reading more than writing.

Reading more books on the topic you provide is a foundation of your business.provide good lessons that you specialize much this enable you to answer the complex questions from your clients,and leave them well understand the topic.clients tend to tell their friends and influence them to read what themselves read.Through this advantage and your amazing topic in a single time many readers will be attracted to your site.

Note that good flowers attract more insect and excellent topics influence more readers…

Thanks for reaching,by


Improve your financial intelligent will improve your financial situation.


Management of money is crucial on maintaining your financial situation.Management of money insure your money is used in a planned objectives.Only you can manage well your money if you set a goal,on where you want to be in the future.This setting goals is the one skill for money management, know where and how your money is spending for.

Today only describe on how to generate income,how to manage,how to pay on spending,and how to deal with liabilities.All this is known as Cash flow management.The following are the components of cash flow…..





If you manage well your cash flow money is your partner and if not money is your enermy.


Income is the amount of money you receive maybe per day,per month,per year or per week.This money may be earned from stock, Salary, from business you own all these amounts come into your Bank accounts.There are three types of Income, passive, portfolio and earned income.Inorder to understand how to manage your money first you have to understand what type of income you earn from.Because each type of income has specific mindset,so by knowing what type of income you earn money will help you first to deal with your income.


These are daily or monthly spending,if you spend less than you earn that means you have low expenses and while you spend more than amount you earn that means you have high expenses.our expenses may be like,Rent, Food,taxes, shelter, housing bill and so on.

Now if you arleady realize what kind of income are you,the second lesson is expenses,and is the most complicated subject for many people.Most want to spend more than they earn.One of the good habit on earning and spending money is to earn more and spend less,this habit will leave you with a lot of money that you save for investment.

Example if you earn about $15000 per month and spend all before the end of the month that is high spending or mismanagement of you income.Check your car speed on spending,reduce the speed and cut some unnecessary spendings.

Most people live according to the situation on their income that is bad money habit.If the income increase and their expenses also increase.They don’t keep a single dollar for investment by any condition.Most complaining on having low income while the major problem is how they control their money.

Plan your money before spending


Assets are the things those put money in your pocket or generate money per month,per year,per week in your Bank account.After knowing what kind of income you earn money and managing well expenses then you come up with a lot of money in saving account,use that saving to buy assets those will create income with no work.

Making an asset is not simple,need effort between your mindset and your money.And if you want to stay away from Financial struggle buy more assets those will cover your expenses.The formula of success is earning more from your assets and spending less to your expenses.these are the example of assets, Commodities, Business, fund,stock and so on.

Assets generate income


This is opposite from assets while assets is putting money to your account, liabilities are taking money out of your account.example when buying car, house.liabilities are the most handcaps for people to acquire riches.

If you borrow money from Bank then buy a car that is a problem.while well managing these two things expenses liabilities now you on the way to create assets and acquire wealth.if you can’t control your money on expenses and liabilities this habit will bring you into the city known as Poor.

That is debt burden for loving liabilities.

Advise and conclusion..

From now sit down planning and setting goals for your money and start thinking on creating assets that will generate income to your accounts.Reduce your speed on expenses and liabilities, because if you put money in these two accounts, expenses and liabilities your money will never reback again………… Thanks and prepared by


Improve your financial intelligent will improve your life.

Sababu za mafanikio katika maisha yetu…

Jaman pesa ni mihimu hasa katika maendeleo yetu ya Sasa na baadae.Zipo sababu au tabia ukizifuata kweli unakuwa mwenye kupita kwenye mafanikio na mwishowe utafanikiwa.zifuatazo ni baadhi ya sababu katika kufanikiwa.

Kufanya kazi..

Kutunza fedha..

Kujali mda…..

Kusoma vitabu vya fedha…

Kupanga ratiba ya kila siku..

Kuandaa maisha ya uzeeni..

Asante kwa leo nitaleta masomo mengine baada ya hili .imeandaliwa na kuchapishwa na


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